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Adding a Touch of Luxury

Serving Oakville, Ontario, Royal Oak Custom Cleaners offers a touch of luxury for all of your laundering needs. Our custom services
provide our customers peace of mind knowing that no matter the request, we are able to fulfill it.

Not Your Average Cleaning Service

From routine laundry and dry cleaning of household items, to alterations and repairs,
Royal Oak Custom Cleaners is not your average cleaning

Care for Every Piece of Fabric

All of our work is custom and we take pride in caring for every garment, rug, and drape,
to ensure that it is restored to like-new condition.

Professionally Trained Laundry Cleaners

The professionals at Royal Oak Custom Cleaners are professionally trained in caring for a diverse range of fabrics,
materials and household items. We know how different fabrics react to different cleaning solutions,
and which solution to use to achieve certain goals.

Stains, repairs, alterations – Royal Oak Custom Cleaners will handle everything on your laundry list with care.

Expert & Caring Service

Royal Oak Custom Cleaners has earned a reputation in the Oakville community for providing
its customers with expert, luxurious
service and a caring, friendly staff.

Experience the difference Royal Oak Custom Cleaners can have on your laundry!

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